MD5 Checksum Tool

MD5 Checksum Tool 3.0

MD5 Checksum Tool is a bulk MD5 checker and comparer

MD5 is an algorithm invented by Ron Rivest, which became an Internet standard. It's now widely used as a file integrity check as it provides a fingerprint for each file. MD5 Checksum Tool is a program that helps you know the MD5 of your files so you can know if they were modified from it's original form or not. This program is very fast and easy, it allows recursive adding of folders and their sub folders in addition to adding files one by one or even with a simple drag and drop. MD5 calculation by this program is very fast and efficient and allows you to export the calculation results in text, HTML, comma separated or XML file format . One of the wonderful features that it has is that it can compare the calculated MD5 from the files you choose with any MD5 value that you add to the program with a simple paste process - and the result of that test will appear immediately, color coded. A very useful additional feature is that you can scan your hard disk or even the whole computer for duplicates: simply hit Ctrl+R and choose any place to be searched for duplicated files and after the MD5 scan is finished you will see the duplicated files marked with a yellow color. A very useful more option is that you can pause or stop the running task anytime so you are not forced to wait for any task to finish if you don't want to.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Batch MD5 checking
  • Detecting of duplicated files


  • Requires .NET framework 1.1 installed
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